The Popular Toy ‘Hatchimals’ Don’t Always Hatch. Now The Company Is Getting Sued.

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A massive class action lawsuit is in the works against the Hatchimals creators and the lawyer representing the consumer (one of Michael Jackson’s lawyers), claims the damages could exceed one billion dollars. 

Now, is it me, or does this lawsuit rank up their with the famous McDonald’s hot coffee spill lawsuit?

Consumers are claming that their Hatchimals are not hatching at all. If you are not familiar with Hatchimals, they are an egg that you look after, care for and eventually it hatches. A fury creatures emerges and the fun is over. 

Hatchimals are supposed to hatch after about 25-minutes of rubbing and playing with the egg, but clearly that is not always the case. 

Jimmy Kimmel put together a brilliant skit (‘Disappointimals’) showcasing just how ridiculous this lawsuit is…and it’s pretty freaking funny. 

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