The Real Dangers Of Social Media! Child Predator Derailed By Parents!

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Coby Persin conducts many social experiment and posts his footage on Youtube for all to see. But this social experiment is different, it is down right scary.

Persin became friends with young girls on Facebook and engaged in conversations lasting a few days. His goal was to set up a meeting with the young girls, ranging in age from 12 to 14. Persin had the help of the girls parents and wanted to show them just how damn scary social media and the world can be.

Three girls agreed to meet Persin, the stranger online. Luckily for these three girls this was all done for a social experiment and the meeting was fake and the parents were involved. I hate to imagine how often this does happen in the world and just how many young kids become victims to sick adults.

Share this with your friends, family and kids to show them that the physical world and online world are very unsafe places. Educate your kids to prevent them from thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’.

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