The Reasons Behind Our Dogs’ Weird Behavior

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Dogs really are man’s best friend. There’s no denying that. But what about dogs being one of the most intelligent animals on the planet? Probably everyone will agree with that as well, but that doesn’t stop us from scratching our heads whenever our favorite furry friend does something so baffling, that it makes you wonder if there’s a method to their madness? Eating their poop or just about any other poop? Revolting! Wagging their tail? Cute. Licking that little girl’s face? Okay, we get that. But checking out other dogs’ butts by sniffing them? Rolling over stinky and disgusting things? What’s up with that?
Thankfully, there are reasons why these intelligent friends of ours do what they do. Some of them might still disgust you, but some of them will surprise, and even amaze you. Read on.