The Right Solutions For The Perfect Game Playing Of Escape From Tarkov Hacks

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Tarkov is demanding. Tarkov wants your blood. The AIs yell at you in Russian and raises a finger at you while shooting Toz in the knees. For the simple pleasure of watching you suffer. It’s okay, okay. We will all see it through together. We will, therefore, see essential tips to take the game in our hands.

Know the extraction points

Before thinking about getting rich, you will first have to know how to get off the map. It’s all well and good to loot, but dying of dehydration after looking for an exit for 30 minutes is not the death you dream of. Cards must be purchased from an NPC, can drop when you die, and you learn to navigate like grandpa in the bush.

The easiest way is to start with Customs. The map is relatively simple (we spawn in the west to get out of the east, or vice versa), and many elements of the scenery will help you find your way around. Woods is also pretty straightforward to learn, but snipers are plentiful. Be careful, if an extraction point is close, it is either that it is dangerously exposed, or that it requires special conditions (key, pay a smuggler, abandon your armor or your bag, etc.). If discovery the hard way scares you, start a few games in offline or SCAV mode while you get your bearings. The use of escape from tarkov hacks is important.

A raid is getting ready

Tarkov is, above all, a game of survival. The slightest injury can cause bleeding, which will kill you in a few moments. A few balls placed well in your legs will prevent you from running. Pain from a fracture may blur your vision. Worse yet, a bullet in the stomach will quickly drain your character of energy and dehydrate them in less than 5 minutes.

So remember to take with you, and with each raid:

  • A bandage to stop bleeding. We quickly prefer the Car and Salewa care kits.
  • A splint to repair a fractured limb (as long as the limb in question has more than one life point)
  • Painkillers that will be used in the event of a destroyed leg (0 VP), to be able to continue to move normally. To be renewed regularly, the effect wears off quickly.

Also, remember to bring water; your character becomes dehydrated faster than he is hungry. Important: Your character’s state is preserved between raids.

Insure your equipment

Equipment is expensive in Tarkov, but insuring it will allow you to recover it. Obviously, it is not that simple. In order for your stuff to regain your inventory, no player will have to loot your body during a raid.

It will often happen that your body is spared by other players. Indeed, it will often happen to you to die in improbable places vis-a-vis with SCAV, and many better equipped players will often choose to ignore your equipment, or will be satisfied to recover the attachments of your weapons (best price or place ratio in the ‘inventory).

The hideout

Update 0.12 added the management of the hideout, in which you will spend a good part of the rubles and shit of all kinds collected in raid. It’s more or less like a disgusting Facebook game from the last decade, but the interest is there, since your stash will eventually allow you to produce a whole bunch of items, rather than buying them from other players.

The first place to develop is your medical center, which will allow you to manufacture treatment kits. Also, consider building a heater, bed, and kitchen to improve your recovery abilities between raids. The generator is the centerpiece of your hideout, essential for maintaining power and running the production of items. For this, he will need gasoline. You can easily find it in Woods’ ZB-014 and ZB-016 bunkers, as well as in some Customs warehouses.  Obviously remember to cut the power when you are not producing anything or when you disconnect. Avoid storing upgrade items until you have purchased the lucky scavjunkbox.

Loot effectively

Last advice, which will be essential to your survival: know when and how to loot. At the start, you will essentially kill SCAVs, those AIs that patrol the hot spots of the map. Once a SCAV is killed, its body can be stripped, but it will have to be fast and efficient: the noise of your weapons attracts other SCAVs, and certainly other players.

So think about looting first the pockets, which generally contain healing, but sometimes also rarer items, such as Labs access cards, which you can sell 200k rubles to other players or to Therapist. If they also have a backpack, it has a good chance of containing valuables. Be careful, every second spent searching a body prevents you from seeing and listening effectively around you, so be quick and don’t hesitate to loot several times.

Finally, remember: enemies, both players, and NPCs, generally work in groups. Wait a few seconds before you jump on the corpse of an enemy. With these few tips, you should be ready to take your first steps on Tarkov. We will see in a later guide the mistakes not to make, as well as some more advanced tips and techniques.

This is a game that has an inventory of characters and charges, which is what it did well online even when it was not gone, because it contacted support it features pretty tough gameplay from a basic build, for we made this guide, because it is important to have a clear way of playing, because this game seems to get a considerable receptivity.

Escape from Tarkov is without a doubt a fighting game, it presents us with great action options, it has some formidable enemies, shelters and hiding places, it is a fairly complete game, because the economy here can be managed directly by the player. It has very attractive characteristics, because the character usually presents extremely realistic battles where hydration, blood pressure, hunger, injuries are very relevant and visible, if we die during a battle we lose the entire inventory that we have so far in this meeting.

We have options to play, but if we don’t want to lose everything, we can easily play as SCAV an AI generator character, this allows us to keep some things even when we are dead, but we are limited by a timer so it can’t succeed, so not all the time we have to play alone, teamwork is viable.