The Secret To Making The World’s Best Scrambled Eggs

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People have been making scrambled eggs since the beginning of time it seems. We all have our own way to make the delicious breakfast meal and I’m sure a lot of you already know and use the secret ingredient to make those scrambled eggs really pop. If you don’t know what that ingredient is, we are here to tell you! Say CHEESE!

Add a little cheese to your scrambled delight and really take those eggs up a few notches!

1. Why cheese?


A cheesy scramble merges cheese and egg into a creamy, harmonious whole. It’s all of the joy of an omelet, none of the stress. And with just a few pointers, you’ll find yourself making flawless cheesy scrambles every morning.

2. How to prep your cheese


Eggs cook fast, so you probably want to grate your cheese before you turn on the stove. That way, you’ll be able to add your cheese without worrying about your eggs overcooking as you mess with the grater. Depending on how cheesy you like your eggs, you’ll need 1 to 2 tablespoons of cheese for every two eggs you’re scrambling.

3. What type works best?


Parmesan, ricotta, Monterey Jack, pecorino—pretty much any cheese will be delicious, except for especially mild cheese like mozzarella and especially pungent ones like blues

4. How to use it


Resist the urge to add your grated cheese to your bowl of beaten eggs. The optimum time to add the cheese is halfway through scrambling (over medium-low heat), when the eggs are just starting to form curds as you push them around in the pan with a spatula. That way, the cheese has just enough time to melt without overheating.

(Source : epicurious)

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