The Six Steps to Take When Your Boiler Breaks Down

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A boiler breakdown can be a nightmare for any household, especially if it occurs during winter. After all, it will lead to you sitting at home with no hot water or central heating, which can make the cold season seem much more unbearable.

Rather than going into panic mode about what to do next or how you will fund the essential repair, all you must do is read the below steps to take when your boiler breaks down.

Review Your Warranty for a New Boiler

If a boiler has been recently installed in your property, it will likely be covered under its warranty. To repair the problem as soon as possible, contact the boiler manufacturer to organise a professional to visit your home to restore your heating and hot water. If your boiler seems to be constantly breaking down because of age and it’s no longer under warranty, then maybe it’s time to get a new boiler. You can get a new boiler quote here and compare multiple boilers within minutes.

Call Your Landlord

If you live in a rental property, give your landlord a call, who will need to resolve the issue on your behalf. Tenants shouldn’t be required to cover the cost of a boiler breakdown, so a landlord will need to reach out to a heating engineer or call the manufacturer to repair the broken or faulty system.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have invested in home insurance, it could cover the cost of a boiler repair. If so, an insurer will be able to finance the maintenance service, which can prevent you from struggling to pay for an engineer to get your heating and hot water back up and running.

Consider a Quick Loan

If, however, your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a boiler breakdown and it is no longer under warranty, you might be scratching your head about how you will provide your family with heating and hot water this winter.

Rather than worrying about the chilly temperatures, you should find out more about a quick loan to pay for the unexpected home repair. It will ensure your family enjoys a warm and cosy winter, and you could make the affordable repayments over a set period agreed with the lender.

Make Alternative Arrangements

While you are waiting for an engineer to arrive at your home, you should ask whether it is safe for you and your family to remain at the address until the problem is fixed. For example, you might need to arrange to stay with a loved one if the boiler has a serious issue that will take many days to repair.

If, however, you are safe to remain within your home, you can keep both you and your loved ones warm by:

  • Wearing warm clothing (such as jumpers, cardigans, slippers, etc.)
  • Adding an extra blanket onto your beds
  • Keeping doors closed to retain heat
  • Buying an electric heater

You also might need to arrange to enjoy a bath or shower at a friend or relative’s address until the problem is resolved.

Annually Service a Boiler

Once your boiler has been either repaired or replaced, you should ensure it is serviced once per year, which will allow a heating engineer to spot potential problems and it can prevent wear and tear.