The Sneaky Raccoon Photobomb That Is Going To Win The Internet

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raccoon II

Behold! The Master Of The Photobomb!

This incredibly awesome image of a raccoon photobombing a few unsuspecting deer was captured on the trail cam of Denis Doucette, a Taxidermist from Maine. Doucette, has a deep passion for wildlife and has multiple wildlife trail cams set up around his property. The image was snapped over the past weekend.

This is surely a once in a lifetime shot and one that could not be any more perfect! This adorable raccoon is a master photobomber! I wonder how many trail cams this sneaky little guy hits per night!

Doucette is a long time, personal friend of ours here at and when we saw this, we knew we had to share it with animal lovers alike! We can’t get enough of awesome animal photo’s and we know you can’t either!

It won’t be long before this little guy wins the internet!

Do you have some unique trail cam moments caught on camera? Share your photos in the comments below!



Denis Doucette – Award Winning Taxidermist



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