The Sony Walkman Turns 36 This Year, Here Is The First Commercial!

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The Sony Walkman was introduced to the U.S. in June of 1980 (though it debuted in Japan a year earlier) and since then the music world has not been the same.

Sony’s president at the time hated the name Walkman but the people had already decided that it was the newest and coolest thing out there. While we’re now used to taking our music with us everywhere, the Walkman was what introduced us to the possibility of listening to our favorite songs anywhere we wanted to go.

The steep price tag of $150 in 1980 clearly did not stop the Walkman from becoming not only one of the most popular music players but one of the most needed accessories!

Of the over 400 million Walkman-branded music players that have been sold, 200 million were the cassette players we know and love.

If you don’t remember rocking out to your Sony Walkman, well…you missed out on one heck of a cool innovation! Granted iPod’s can handle more music than we know what to do with, but there was something special about going to the music store, purchasing a new tape, popping it in and rocking out!

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