The Top Auto Insurance Choices For Senior Citizens

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Part of owning a car is to make sure you protect yourself, and that means you need to have auto insurance. The payments, depending on the coverage, don’t always come cheap. Still, this safety net is a necessity because the dangers presented on the road as just as pricey. As you get older, however, you may find yourself spending less time inside your car, which means that the insurance may not be as much as a necessity as it used to be.

Making high monthly insurance payments for driving short distances may already seem futile, especially when these don’t happen as frequently. For this very reason, seniors have now switched to discounted and pay-per-mile insurance plans. The good news is that there are actually options available out there. All you need to do is research for plans that optimally suit your lifestyle. Hence, here are the top five auto insurance companies for those who are looking for practical plans.


State Farm

This company is known by today’s generation because of its media campaign. They’ve commissioned NBA stars such as Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, and DeAndre Jordan. The tomfooleries portrayed in the commercials are memorable, and the company has played up its popularity well. They provide amazing services, whether in person, through its website, and even via its mobile app. Getting a quote is easy and feasible, and this is particularly convenient for someone who would rather get the quotation in the comforts of their own home. In terms of the annual price, State Farm ranks at the very top in terms of affordability. You can expect a ballpark of $2,000+ per annum. You can cost the cost even further if you have a clean record. As for those with a colorful driving history, there are separate discounts available as well.



In terms of customer service and overall satisfaction, USAA is just as impressive. The JD Power’s Claims Satisfaction Survey even gave it a perfect five score. How do you measure success? See how the company deals with actual accidents. In the aftermath settlements, USAA has consistently been getting strong reviews form its clients. Unfortunately, there is a caveat with the company. It’s only available to those who are or who have been active with the military and armed services. Close family members are also entitled to its benefits. At only $900+ per year, this is an amazingly friendly rate. Again, discounts can be availed by those who spotless driving records.


Liberty Mutual

This diverse company offers a myriad of options to an already impressive standard coverage. The company has been around since 1912, which shows you how strong its roots are especially in terms of customer service. The company also makes sure that every inquiry becomes a pleasant experience. Liberty Mutual includes add-ons such as accident forgiveness, better car replacement, new car replacement, vandalism loss protection, deductible fund, personal property coverage, teachers’ auto insurance, and collision coverage.



Stephanie Courtney is probably the most recognizable face in commercials. She plays the role of Flo from Progressive. As the company’s face, her cheery disposition has been integral in raising the company’s profile all over the United States. Progressive resonates to those who prefer to avail of insurance services online. Their online community provides exceptional services in a pleasant and stress-free environment. They even have a Snapshot Program that tracks your driving record on a daily basis through a phone app. When you accrue miles free of accidents or violations, you will be entitled to a discount. You can also get a bundle discount via multiple vehicles or by availing of their home insurance as well.



This company’s face is a cute little gecko with a British accent. Of the auto insurance giants, Geico offers the best bang for your buck. The annual average rate for its policy is just $1,200+. Again, there are ways to get further discount. For instance, if your car has air bags, then your rate goes lower. You can save as much as 40 percent with full front seat airbags. If you have multiple vehicles insured under them, then you can slash the rates further as well. And as usual, drivers with clean records can save on payment. Moreover, they even offer a 15 percent discount for students with a B average or higher, something that you may not find anywhere else.