The Ultimate Guide To Writing Vue JS Developer Job Description

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Do you want to hire a vue js developer and been wondering what HR agency to contact for this? Well, do not worry. I can be of great aid to you by helping you create the perfect Job description that will attract the most skilled and passionate candidates.

Having a good JD or a job description is the first step to hiring in the recruitment process. It is essential because it helps you attract suitable candidates for your job. The trick to crafting an effective job description is to provide balance, enough information, but in a concise way so candidates can understand the position and your company while keeping your description brief.

Before we go into a detailed template of a Vue.Js job description sample, let’s look at the following.


What is a Job Description?

A job description is an enclosed file/doc that clearly states the essential job duties, job requirements, job responsibilities, and skills required to perform a selected role. A more detailed description should include how the role of success is measured to be employed in performance evaluation.

They are also called employment profile, job specification, position description or Job PD, and JD.


The process of writing an excellent Job Description?

A clear summary of the work description should be written in a very formal language. A well-written verbal description contains all the relevant details on the position you are putting out and follows the quality structure.

  1. Company introduction
  2. Job Title
  3. Role Summary
  4. Job Duties and Responsibilities List
  5. Qualifications and Skills List


What is Vue.Js?

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework that is used for the development of user interfaces. Because of its dynamic nature, Vue.js is extremely popular among front end developers. Moreover, Vue.Js is a universal framework that can adapt to any project, even the most complex one. Yet, if you are searching for a skilled Vue.js developer, you need to distinguish between expert developers and the ones who are skilled in JavaScript, but less experienced with Vue.

That’s why when searching for a fantastic team member with boosted skills in Vue, it’s an excellent idea to create the Job description that will not only attract expert candidates, but also give all the details they need to apply.


A Vue.Js Job Description sample

●          Company Introduction

In this section you should put a brief information about your company. In a couple of sentences you need to relay what makes your company the best place to work at. Include details about your company’s culture, benefits and perks it provides. Don’t forget about sharing office hours, work from home possibilities and other things that make working in your company great. Never do a standard company introduction – try to make it more creative and engaging making a candidate want to work in your company.

●          Job Description

Our company is looking for an expert JavaScript developer, who loves creating engaging user interfaces and with Vue.js framework. Your primary focus is:

  • Development of user interfaces and their components
  • Implementation of UI with the help of Vue.js framework, following approved practices and workflows,
  • Writing easy to maintain, secure, robust and modular code
  • Communication and coordination with designers, back end developers and QA.
  • Collaboration with all teams and your commitment to the project and skill development is mandatory.

●          Responsibilities

  • Developing user interfaces for applications with Vue.js,
  • Optimizing your applications for better performance,
  • Building reusable components, modules and libraries,
  • Tuning up of your JavaScript and Vue.js skills,
  • Watching new security updates and issues found with Vue.js,
  • Proposing upgrades and updates necessary for maintaining up-to-date security and development best practices.

●          Hard Skills

  • Skilled with JavaScript. Especially with ES6+ syntax and features
  • Master user of Vue.js framework. Understanding its principles. Including the framework’s reactivity, components, and also the virtual DOM
  • Familiarity with Vue.js ecosystem, including Nuxt.js, Vue CLI, Vue Router and Vuex.
  • Deep knowledge in HTML and CSS, including 5th and 3d versions accordingly as the basis of front-end development, Understand server-side: how rendering works, benefits it gives, and the use cases
  • Knowledge and complete understanding of functional and object-oriented programming paradigms
  • Ability to write effective, completely secure, clean and well-documented code,
  • Familiarity with tools like Jest or Mocha for automated JavaScript apps testing,
  • Proficiency with Webpack, Babel, and Git and other development tools.
  • Experience with both designing and consuming RESTful APIs ensure the other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies relevant to your project.

Soft skills

  • Easy learning
  • Team player
  • Can work under the pressure

Job descriptions are a necessary part of a successful HR structure, but not just mere documents as a few consider them to be. Should you need help in writing outstanding Job Descriptions, do not hesitate to reach out. We will be glad to help.