The Way We View Medicine Is Quickly Changing

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According to the dictionary, medicine is defined as the study of the causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of a disease or illness. It would, however, be observed that medicine as a discipline is crafted around the disease and trying to find a solution to the disease as can be seen in its manifestation. This ought not to be the way it should be as is evidently seen in numerous cases of recurring illness. Something is definitely missing.

The US, which has been a forerunner in the advancement of science and research and pumps millions of dollars regularly into pharmaceutical research projects for the growth of new and more effective formulas, has also seen a huge drop in the purchase of these drugs in the market. This is down to a couple of reasons which include loss of trust for pharmaceutical companies as can be seen in a survey recently carried out in the country in which the trust of pharmaceutical companies reached an all-time low of 38% from a previous 51%, as it is believed that pharmaceuticals place profit over people, and the high cost of these drugs.

All this and more is why a new form of treatment is on the rise, it is known as holistic health or alternative treatment. Alternative treatment is a form of treatment that considers the human body as a holistic entity in which various parts such as the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are all essential ingredients to its wholeness. Alternative treatment as compared to conventional medicine doesn’t look to alleviate the symptom of an illness, but rather to identify the root cause and ensure that it never recurs, and that is missing something.

The Magic Called Alternative Treatment

Alternative treatment incorporates conventional medicine, diet, exercise, environmental measures, attitude and lifestyle modifications which not only look to cure the patient’s current illness but prevent its future occurrence by introducing non-invasive remedies and improving an individual’s life force. This is why the US is taking a specific interest in holistic health as it has a huge chance of reducing health casualties.

Alternative treatment is, in fact, a lifestyle as it helps patients take responsibility for their own health. This is cost-effective on the part of the government and the more reason the US government is more interested in it. Another reason the government is looking in this direction is that it makes individuals more proactive and take steps to better their life, hence reducing the rate of future chronic illness.


Alternative treatment includes a wide variety of treatment options and can be specifically customized to meet the specific need of the patient. They are:

Traditional Alternative Medicine

These are forms of therapy that have been practiced for many years and are still very relevant today, they include acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine.

Body Therapy

This is another peculiar and interesting way that alternative treatment has been helping people. This method is based on the fact that the body is interconnected and illness to one part is illness to all, and thus, if all parts of the body can be made to function effectively then the body part that is ill can channel its energy to focus on healing. These are chiropractic and osteopathic medicine, massage, Tai chi, and Yoga.

External Energy

This involves channeling power from an external source. They include electromagnetic therapy, reiki, and a gong.


The mind is seen as one of the most powerful tools, and research has shown that mental health is the best way to rest. They include meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis.

Diets and Herbs

This is one of the ways that alternative treatment has been harnessed and is one that requires the intake of drugs. This is where new innovations like medical hemp treatment can be applied. This involves the use of hemp to cure the pain of people with chronic pain and anxiety. In most of the US, medical hemp can only be purchased from a dispensary. To find a local dispensary, you can check your state’s medical hemp program website for the closest one to you. These are the reasons why alternative treatment is the new way to conventional medicine.


Improves Quality Of Life

Having already mentioned that alternative treatment addresses the root cause and not just symptoms, it is also important to note that with conventional drugs, it makes the condition better but since holistic health corrects the lifestyle options that brought the patient in the first place, his/her overall life improves.

More Effective

Alternative treatment is more effective as it can be specifically customized or tailored to meet the needs of each client, as compared to the generalization obtained with conventional drugs. For example, an individual with chronic pain might need a blend of acupuncture and medical hemp to get better and not just drugs that cure pain. Thus, making it more effective.

Dispensaries Are The New Pharmacies

With individuals seeking better options to conventional medicine and alternative treatment positioning itself in that light as the best possible solution. It is then understandable to see why dispensaries will be the new pharmacies. A dispensary is where people get hemp legally from and with alternative treatment looking to make use of more natural solutions than processed remedies it is only normal that some herbs and plants which are not easily accessible would be accessed through this regulated institution.