The World Comes Together In Song Via Viral ‘Quarantine Karaoke’ Facebook Group

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With a worldwide quarantine taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are looking for interesting and fun ways to entertain themselves while stuck home.

Joseph Meyers was one of those people, well, that was until he decided to take matters into his own hands and create the ‘Quarantine Karaoke‘ Facebook group!

The group started out small with friends and family of Joseph’s performing their favorite karaoke tunes, but it quickly grew to thousands upon thousands of people joining from all over the globe!

From what we can tell, the group is gaining a couple thousand new members every couple of hours!

Here is the description of the group :

You are encouraged to post videos of yourself singing your favorite songs to distract from the world pandemic and pull each other closer together. Positive vibes only and FUN is a requirement! 😊


Take a listen to an  interview with Bangor, Maine resident Joe Meyers via Z1073 :

So if you are bored, love music and want to belt out a few tunes – this group is for you!

Don’t want to sing? No problem! There are plenty of videos being posted from other ‘quarantinies’ that are sure to entertain you for a while!

Want to join? CLICK HERE!

Check out a few videos from the group below!

Via: Kate Gibbons

Via: Seth Poplaski

Via: Joseph Meyers