26 Of The Worst Cars Ever Made

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Source: https://www.esquireme.com

Let’s face it, it doesn’t take a car expert to find out which cars are lemons, and which of them should have never been manufactured. Throughout history, lots of “thingamajigs” were manufactured, for whatever reason. Most of us treasure a fancy ride, but it has to work really well, right? When shopping for a vehicle, it pays to do research, or consult an expert – not the car dealers anxious to sell their vehicles. While some of the rotten cars are foreign, American cars also have been infected by lemons. Whether it’s the awkward design, reliability issues, and dangerous possibilities, some vehicles should never have been made. Some of you may have experienced this first hand, and know the trouble and embarrassment that came with it. For those lucky enough to have never bought and owned a lemon, hopefully your lucky streak will continue. Do your research, it will pay off for sure. Hopefully this historical glance at really bad cars will help you in the future.
Let’s take a look at some of the worst cars ever made (in no specific order):