There Are Charcoal Underwear Pads That Will Neutralize Your Fart Smells

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I think it’s safe to assume that we all know someone close to us that could use these anti-fart smelling underwear pads! I can certainly think of a few people that these could benefit — or better yet — benefit the people around them!

They’re called underwear flatulence charcoal pads, and they can actually work both as a gag gift, or as a real product for someone with farting problems. Specifically people with extremely disgusting fart smells.

The fart neutralizing pads are simply attached to the outside of your underwear using an adhesive strip. Once attached it won’t look bulk or noticeable by anyone. As you fart, the stinky air will pass through this strip on the outside of your underwear, and the charcoal will filter the nasty smell from your gas.

The charcoal fart pad comes with just 1 single pad that’s completely reusable. It also comes with 10 adhesive strips to use each time you wear it, precise instructions on how to use it and apply the pad, and the pad measures 7 inches long x 5 inches wide.

Basically, these are a must if you or someone you know suffers from digestive disorder symptoms such as IBS, IBD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lactose Intolerance, Diabetes, gastric bypass surgery, spastic colon, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac, AIDS, HIV, TMAU, and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Or…if they just fart non stop and smell like s**t all the time!