There Is 1998 Volvo Listed For Sale In New York For A Whopping $20M, Here’s Why

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When you think of a 1998 Volvo, you don’t typically think of it having a $20 million valuation.

However, one Volvo owner is looking to sell his 1998 V70 Volvo for a whopping $20 million!

Buy why such a high price tag?

The blue wagon is pretty much a run-of-the-mill model that’d probably be worth closer under $10,000, if not for one unique feature. The car currently wears a vanity license plate from New York that reads: New York.

The owner, who prefers to remain anonymous encouraged his father to apply for it as soon as the state made custom plates available back in the 1970s. It’s been in the family ever since, passing from a Buick Rivera and to another Volvo before ending up on the V70.

Unlike Delaware, the U.K. and a few other places, New York doesn’t allow people to sell their license plates directly, so the $20 million price tag is technically for the car, but there is a legal process available to transfer them, according to the DMV.

Think that price tag is too high for a license plate? Think again!

Specialty plates have sold for upwards of $14 million dollars before, and the selling of vanity plates in the UK is big business!

You have to admit, living in New York and having the only license place in the entire state to read ‘New York’, is pretty cool!