There Is A Place Where You Can Float On A Raft And Feed Hungry Alligators Meat On A Stick

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They say live each day like it’s your last and put a little adventure in your life…well…if you are looking for adventure, we have found some for you!

In Thailand’s Elephant Park, tourists can hop aboard a raft like structure, float among a ton of massive, hungry alligators and feed them by dangling meat on a stick in front of them.

Sounds crazy right? Well, it kind of is!

The rafts, which measure 5 x 10 metres, are equipped with outboard motors as well as cables that allow them to be towed to safety quickly. They also have chest-high barriers, but it is still risky.

Since this video surfaced a few weeks ago, the park has had its license revoked. Will it return? Who knows.

Elephant Park is known for this crazy event and it keeps tourists rolling in day after day! I’d say these alligators are rather spoiled at this point!

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