There Is A Shortage Of Truck Drivers In The US And Salaries Are Getting Spectacular

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For the past several years, there seems to have been a scarcity of truck drivers all across America. Even while consumers have increased and order products online, there are not enough truck drivers to deliver them around.

Maybe there are other jobs that offered better pay, or less tedious employment. But things are starting to change. Salaries for truck drivers have increased tremendously to woo them back to the business.


Higher salaries and more incentives have been offered by trucking companies since 2018 to get at least 50,000 drivers to boost employment numbers. Starting salaries offered are at least $80,000 per annum, aside from incentives and bonuses. Experienced drivers will get offered more, and these skilled people can ask for close to $120,000, in companies such as Dow Brothers Transportation in Dallas. That is how desperate trucking companies are now. Drivers are amazed at the offers, and thank their lucky stars for the shortage. And the demand for drivers is expected to increase as many trucking companies are courting more drivers with amazing salaries.

Tougher routes have better incentives. The business is pro-driver as companies know they have to maintain a low-turnover. Better benefits like paid holidays, health insurance, increased PTO, and other rewards make the industry more appealing despite the long hours and tough routes. It is heralding a new era for those who want to earn more than $50,000 a year as a truck driver.

Of course the job is not for everyone, not all can make it as a truck driver. But the job does not need a college degree, and yet you can earn more than someone with a master’s degree. You can always take a truck-driving course to improve your skills. It is good money, but hard work. There is no time like now, and many opportunities are available. If you are interested, you can always search online. Most likely there will be a possibility of a need for truck drivers near you. Check out different offers and pick the best for you. Good luck and keep on truckin’.