There’s A Place Where Cheetahs Are Waiting For You To Play With Them

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cheetah1There’s a wonderful little place in South Africa called the ‘Cheetah Outreach‘. This Cheetah sanctuary is home to some incredibly amazing Cheetahs. 


You are encouraged to play and interact with all the Cheetahs as they are hand raised and not wild. It would appear that they all just want to be loved and have a good time!


This place looks awesome! What a cool experience this would be! 


You can even take them for a walk along the beach in hour long increments! Seriously people…it doesn’t much cooler than this!

Oh Yeah…this place even offers a little baby cheetah sleepover party!!!

Are you kidding me? I so want to go!





For more information on this incredible place, you can check out their website here

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