There’s Now A Curved Pillow That Lets You Cuddle Without Turning Your Arm Numb

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It’s almost bedtime and you are looking at your partner, thinking, we are going to get our cuddle on — but you know as the ‘big spoon’ your arm is going to fall asleep and go numb. Ugh. What is a partner supposed to do?

Well, get the Coodle Pillow of course! This pillow allows you and your significant other to cuddle comfortably.

The pillow’s unique shape allows you to put your arm through the tunnel which prevents pressure on your arm and thus eliminates the numbness that comes with cuddling. The tunnel shape of the pillow is supported by four arched plastic braces, so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing on you mid cuddle. The pillow itself is made of specialty suspension foam for added support and comfort.

The pillow isn’t just for cuddling however. There are many beneficial uses that the pillow offers. If your partner has a particularly hard head but they love laying on your lap, you can place the Coodle pillow over your leg and let them (and you) lounge comfortably.

So what is the size of the Coodle?

The original size will provide an arch that is roughly 3.125″ tall. If that just isn’t big enough to offer you the numbness relief that you’re seeking, Coodle also makes a Grande size that is 3.75″ tall.

You can buy the Coodle right on Amazon and it’s only $49! Not a bad gift idea either!

The Coodle is bringing back the long cuddle…giving the big spoon the ability to cuddle all night long!

Check out the video below for more awesome Coodle uses!