There’s Soap That Makes You Smell Like Gunpowder, Campfire, and Whiskey

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There is nothing quite like the great outdoors! The smell of fresh air, trees, even dirt gives your mind and soul a little bit of peace. In addition to those relaxing and peaceful smells…there is the smell of campfire, gunpowder and strong whiskey! Now that…that is a smell worth savoring!

Well if you can’t make it outdoors, start a fire, pop off a couple rounds while sipping the devils juice – no need to worry. There is a soap that will make your senses feel just like that’s what you are doing…in the comfort of your own shower! And you don’t have to enjoy guns to enjoy the smell of gunpowder…being a fan of fireworks will work too!


This soap doesn’t only smell amazing, it looks super cool too! The dark patterned soap with black, red and yellow will never be confused with those other foo-foo soaps that you have lying around your shower.

And yes, the soap will actually clean your body! The fire in the hole soap is made using an all-vegan combination of oils which creates a sudsy lather guaranteed to clean and leave smooth feeling skin!

The gunpowder, campfire, and whiskey soap is made using coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance oil, and coloring, the soaps are handmade, come in a pack of 2 bars, and each bar measures 4 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch thick. Though, as a result of each soap bar being handmade, there may be slight cosmetic and size/weight differences.

The same company, Outlaw Soaps, also makes the FIre In the Hole smell of gunpowder, campfire, and whiskey in other types of soap, including body wash, hand wash, and cologne. Looking for a different kind of manly smell, such as cabin fever (smells like mountains and life on the trail), or gambling (smells like tobacco, whiskey, and leather), then be sure to check out all of their soaps, hand-washes, and colognes here.

Keep scrolling and check out the video of how these awesome soaps are made!