These 8 Compelling Photos Might Just Make You Believe In Aliens

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Nowadays, it’s not so uncommon for some kind of aircraft to be flying above our heads without our knowledge. With air travel and the invention of drones, it’s even the norm.

If you look at a picture from the early 1900s, though, there is absolutely no good reason for discovering unidentified flying objects hovering overhead. These pictures of UFOs were taken before the invention of Photoshop and drones. They might make you a believer.

Organ Cave, West Virginia, 1939.

Either that’s a UFO in the sky, or a bullet traveling a little too close to this guy’s brain.

Rosetta, South Africa, 1956.

Meteorologist Elizabeth Kaiser took this picture. She was a respected meterologist, but at the same time claimed a white haired space being impregnated her during another encounter.

City Hall, Vancouver, 1937.

Leonard Lamoreux, the 21-year old soldier who snapped this picture described the unidentified aircraft as “two saucers” facing each other, both emitting a blue light.

Unknown, 1920s.

Nobody knows where exactly this photo was taken, but we do that it was in the US and taken in the 1920s before plane travel.

Sawmill at Ward, Colorado, 1929.

This picture comes with a story that the person taking it heard a “terrible thunderous bellow” before this mysterious large object shot out of the distance.

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, 1870.

This already stunning picture of clouds atop the summit of Mt. Washington is also possibly the first UFO picture ever taken.

Hopeh Province, China, 1942.

Even the people on the street noticed the flying object in the photo (and one of them is pointing up at it).

Los Angeles, California, 1942.

Known by UFO enthusiasts and rap rock fans as the “Battle of Los Angeles,” this picture is allegedly just a weather balloon. (But, those who believe claim to know better.)

There are logical explanations for these anomalies. Old photographs and prints are subject to wear over the years. Not only that, but vintage cameras took pictures that had many imperfections. It’s still difficult not getting at least a little creeped out, though.