These Are All The News Bloopers From 2014 That Made Us Laugh

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2014 wasn’t exactly a year full of good news, but it was a year full of good news bloopers.

When you’re live on the air as often as a news anchor or reporter, the odd screw-up is inevitable. And those bloopers end up being pretty hilarious. There’s just something so undeniably fascinating about watching people embarrass themselves on live TV.

This is why YouTuber NewsBeFunny compiled the best news bloopers of 2014 into one video. From the accidental f-bomb, reporters getting hit with random objects, technical goofs, weird costumed people running wild in the backgrounds of shots…this has it all.

(source NewsBeFunny)

Seeing them one after the other like that amplifies the ridiculousness of it all, like the reporter mistaking Samuel Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. It was painfully awkward.

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