These Babies Can’t Keep It Together When There Are Dogs Around

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These babies can’t help but laugh in hysterics when their four legged friends are around. After watching this video you can clearly see all of the health benefits dog companionship as to offer.

The positive aspect of having a pet in the family go well beyond the fact they are so cute and fun to watch.  If your wondering if this is the right time to add a canine to your family here are some points that may help you.

For the youngster it instills values, such as being kind and gentle. It also teaches them responsibility by learning care for their pet. Children learn that their furry friend needs love, food, shelter, exercise, and cleaning.  Compassion through a pet is a wonderful thing and can be very easily obtained. Take your children to your local animal shelter and let them interact with the pups, maybe even take one home!

Boosting self-Esteem is something we take serious as parents and a child will know their little buddy loves them in a special way.  Their have been many studies that prove children who have pets have higher academic achievements.

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