These Creepy Woods Will Make You Want to Run (Through The) Forest, Run!

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Whether it started there or not, it seems every scary movie ends with a thrilling chase into some spooky woods. It’s the perfect place for a ghoul or ghost to pop up behind at tree or for the victim to fall into a ditch he didn’t expect. Very rarely supervised by authorities, forests are a good place for criminals to partake in illicit activities, and, as you will see, some forests are hiding even bigger creeps.

1.) Wychwood Forest, England

This murky wood is the perfect place for spirits to hide. Visitors of the foggy trails often feel hands brushing up against their necks. There’s also the story of Amy Robsart, the wife of the Earl of Leicester, who died but visiter her husband in the forest to warn him he would die in 10 days. He did.

2.) Aokigahara, Japan.

Sometimes known as the “Sea of Trees” because of it’s immense denseness, this forest under Mt. Fuji is more commonly known as “Suicide Forest”. Over 500 people have used the denseness of the forest to hide their suicide since 1950. They say you can still hear their screams if you traverse the trails at night.

3.) Isla de las Munecas, Mexico.

This island near Mexico city has a forest where upon each tree hangs several creepy baby dolls. But why? Don Santana, the on inhabitant of the island once discovered the floating corpse of a girl by the shore. It was his belief that the girl’s spirit began haunting him so he strung these dolls all over the place, hoping to appease her. He died in the very same place where he found her body.

4.) Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina.

The specific camping spot near Harper’s Crossroads is steeped in mystery. The patch of Earth you are looking at cannot physically grow plants, not even weeds. The locals believe this is because it is a favorite spot for the Devil to perform his demonic rituals. The site has even baffled scientists, who even after collecting varies samples cannot figure out why nothing grows there.

5.) Black Forest, Germany

The classically creepy setting of The Grimm Brothers fairytales is still the home of a some ghostly apparitions, including an old lady, a little girl, a burly man dressed in 1800’s style clothing, and what many witnesses report as a “flying dog”.

6.) Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania.

Known by some as the ‘Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania’, the residents surrounding the area believe this twisting forest to house a portal to a blasted realm. Many that pass through this portal never return.

7.) Dering Woods, England.

This forest is sometimes cheerfully called, “Screaming Woods” by the locals because if you walk the trails at night, you may hear a curdling scream come out from the mist. The scream is said to be that of a man from times of old who angered a village and was pinned to a tree and killed with a sword.

I guarantee that you will not see me gallivanting around these woods anytime soon. Especially not at night.