These Firefighters Should Be Commended For The Way They Responded To A Man’s Criticism

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Youtuber Anna Olson recently uploaded a #video taken outside of FoodMaxx in Oroville, California. It shows Salinas resident and taxpayer Jim Elkins confronting the Butte County firefighters regarding driving the fire truck to a local FoodMaxx store (4.81 miles away from their station) while on duty.

This guy, for lack of better words is being a complete jerk.  Anna Olson states that Jim Elkins goes around town complaining and being very rude to law enforcement and local fire personnel.

These Firefighters handled this situation incredibly well.  They spoke with kindness and never fueled the fire (no pun intended).

In all reality, Jim Elkins was complaining about the Firefighters wasting time and his tax payer money, yet he seems to feel that complaining to them was not a waste of their time…hmmm…doesn’t make much sense Jim!  I wonder how Jim feels now that this video is going viral!

If Jim’s house was on fire, I wonder who he would call.

Source : Youtube