These Grandparents Built The Most Mind Blowing Tree House Ever For Their Grandkids

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Size: 100 square feet; 2 exterior decks, 2 sleeping lofts and a crow’s nest

Steve and Jeri Wakefield had the idea nine years ago to build an incredibly elaborate tree house for their grandsons, Lincoln and Sullivan Scott, in their Dallas backyard. They hired architect and family friend James Curvan to craft a whimsical playhouse with steeply pitched gables, multilevel decks and staircases. To keep pace as their grandsons grew, the Wakefields added exciting upgrades, including a climbing wall, rope ladder, suspension bridge and zip line.

Check out the video below to see this incredible tree house in all its glory! We have included a ton of pictures below the video as well for your viewing pleasure!


The main floor is set up as a typical home would be


Jeri found the front window at a consignment store and asked Curvan to install it in the front gable.


It took three months to build the initial structure, a 100-square-foot air-conditioned, electrically lit space.


The tree house’s front door was repurposed from an old church organ.


The interior side of the door still shows the brand and manufacturer label as well as the access box.


A window seat, antique phone and a beautiful stained glass ribbon window


Vintage hardware is used throughout the tree house!


Such a cute kitchen area!


A working light casts a warm glow over an elevated sleeping quarter


Curvan installed a small $88 AC unit below the house. A small fan pushes the air up through a vent into the tree house.


Every tree house needs a small reading nook!


For safety reasons Curvan installed Plexiglas in the windows on the main floor. He created the etched-glass look using a hand saw on a very shallow setting to match the rest of the windows.


Adults often hit their head on the back door! Watch your step!!!


Just out the back door there is a gorgeous deck area!


Just spin the wheel and the bells will play a melody that can be heard throughout the back yard!


Bring on the zip line!


A suspension bridge connects the tree house to a floating crow’s nest.


The base is designed to move so the tree is able to grow properly without harming the tree or the tree house.


After the zip line, kids can climb back up via this rope ladder.


A little folk art train for decoration.


Jealous yet???

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