These Heat-Up Pants Are Perfect For The Person Who’s Always Cold

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Most of us know someone who is ‘always’ cold…and if you don’t know someone…than it’s probably you!

If you’ve always wished you could keep your legs warm and toasty in even the most brutal winter weather, you need to check out these amazing heated pants available on Amazon.

These pants are perfect for outdoor cold-weather activities like skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing. They are also great to just curl up on the sofa with! The pants have three built-in heating panels, which are strategically placed on each knee/thigh and seat. They’re an absolute must for the person who is always cold!

The ActionHeat 5v Base Layer Battery Heated Pants are priced at $159.99 and are available in sizes for both men and women.

“Designed to be worn as a base layer, the ActionHeat electric heated pants make an innovative choice for those who want to stay warm outside without the bulk of heavyweight clothing,” reads the product description.

The pants are machine washable, which is awesome (on a gentle cycle) and are made of a polyester-spandex blend for a comfortable and flexible fit. The battery-operated heating offers three levels of settings: two hours on high (red), three hours on medium (white) and 4.5 hours on low (blue). With the on-board temperature control setting, you can easily adjust to your comfort.

The pants come with an ActionHeat 5V power bank as well as a USB charging kit. The battery is fully charged in six hours, and four LED indicators display battery life and charging status. The battery is compatible with ActionHeat’s other heated apparel items, including jackets, vests and base layer tops.

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