These Itty Bitty Models Are Indistinguishable From Normal-Sized Rooms

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You won’t find a museum wing with more rooms than this one at The Art Institute of Chicago. While the wing certainly is large, it might not be as big as you imagine it to be, as the aforementioned rooms are small. Really small.

Constructed to scale by Narcissa Niblack Thorne in the early 20th century, there are nearly 70 rooms that depict some of the marvelous places Thorne had seen or even been to in her lifetime. Each of these tiny model rooms are nearly indistinguishable from normal-sized rooms…and it’s simply amazing.

Model of a Virginia Dining Room, c. 1800

Tennessee Entrance Hall, 1835

New Mexico Dining Room, c. 1940

Virginia Drawing Room, 1754

 New York Parlor, 1850-70

Cape Cod Living Room, 1750-1850

German Sitting Room of the “Biedermeier” Period, 1815-50

French Boudoir of the Louis XV Period, 1740-60

Rhode Island Parlor, c. 1820

 Pennsylvania Drawing Room, 1834-36

Maryland Dining Room, 1770-74

Virginia Kitchen, 18th Century

Shaker Living Room, c. 1800

New England Bedroom, 1750-1850

Massachusetts Dining Room, 1795

English Great Room of the Late Tudor Period, 1550-1603

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