These Cozy Japanese Kotatsu Sofa Beds Provide Ultimate Relaxation

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It’s called a kotatsu, and it’s a heated table that you can build into your couch or bed. Oh…and you can sleep under it…

sofa bed jap3

The secret is a built-in heater, which is sometimes located underneath the bed and table but usually built into the table itself. Then you layer blankets and cushions around the table, making for the fluffy nesting spot of your dreams.

sofa bed jap4

The kotatsu-friendly sofas shown above are from Japanese retailer Belle Maison. You can purchase something like their 3-piece sofa sets, which are perfectly designed to accommodate a kotatsu, and then add either a homemade kotatsu or buy one online. Kotatsu are a staple in many Japanese homes, so they’re very easy to find.

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