These Lace Shorts For Men Are Getting A Lot Of Attention And The Netizens’ Reactions Are HIlarious

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With retail stores designing at least 52 ‘micro seasons’ every year, clothing brands are always looking to be different from their competitors. Fast fashion has new trends available every week in stores, which doesn’t give the designers a choice but to put on their thinking caps and be more creative than their competitors. 

Consumers at the same time, want to stand out and be different as compared to every other person on the street. They also want their creativity to come out in their everyday fashion style, hence the crazier the design, the better. 

Nowadays, there are no longer any rules in place when it comes to clothing design. Not even the standard fashion for men is safe from the quirky, interesting designs that have been getting a lot of attention. 


After the male version of a romper – ‘Romphim’ gained its popularity last May, and L.A.-based clothing brand for men called Hologram City decided to get out of its comfort zone and create their very own statement piece that is quite controversial.  Known for its mesh originals, they came out with a very unique clothing trend which are see-through lace shorts for men. 

This eye-catching wardrobe item is available in baby blue, mint green and pastel pink and yes, they need to be worn with attitude.  As they are completely see-through, you can match them with lace underwear, or maybe just some normal briefs. 


Here are some funny comments:

Source: Screenshot from Twitter

For your very own pair, you can purchase them at their website for $49. You can also check them out on instagram: @hologramcityla 

Better act fast! Because with the way things are going, these lace get-ups will be the next big thing during Coachella season. 



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