These Magic Floating Flowers Catch All Of The Dog And Cat Hair When You Do A Load Of Laundry

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If you live in a household with pets, you know just how much pet hair can accumulate — on everything — including your laundry.

Well, now there’s a unique magical flower shaped lint and hair catcher that you can drop into your washing machine with each load, and it’ll catch everything in a screen. It’ll keep your clothes and washer hair free, and make you life about ten times easier!

The idea is super simple! The flower portion of the device floats on top of the water, while a screen attached to the bottom, collects all of the pet hair! It’s brilliant really — and a laundry life saver!

In addition to keeping pet hair off of your clean clothing, bedding and blankets. This genius little device will also keep the pet hair from clogging up your washing machine tubes, thus avoiding a mess and damage to your machine down the road.

The magic flower washing machine lint catcher’s are best used in top loading and small portable washing machines. Each flower is made out of polypropylene and polyester, will not damage your clothing when used, and measures 5.9 inches long x 3.1 inches in diameter.

You can buy a four pack on Amazon HERE for just $11.99 with free shipping!