These People Thought They Could Just Steal Someones Bike – They Thought Wrong

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Sadly our world is full of criminals. People who want something for nothing and will steal anything that is not tied down…or…will they?

The pranksters over at TwinzTV decided to give criminals a little instant karma. They call it ‘Bait Bike’ and there is no doubt that their experiment is going to make these thieves think twice about stealing in the future.

A nice looking bike is left all alone with no one around, just waiting to be stolen. However, that bike has a long rope attached to the back and as the thieves try to peddle away as fast as they can…the rope catches and they go tumbling!

It is rather humorous to watch. Normally we wouldn’t find it funny, but hey, these are thieves we are talking about! Don’t steal other peoples belongings and these types of things wouldn’t happen!

Here is Twinz most recent ‘Bait Bike’, Halloween edition!




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