These Rare Photos From Woodstock Prove We Missed The Festival Of A Lifetime!

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Woodstock. It was so much more than just a music festival. It was an event where the young adults of America gathered to listen to some of the most famous and talented musicians of our time play their music, spread a little peace and share some love.

The multi day festival brought lifelong memories for all who attended and allowed them to be part of an historic event. The world was chaotic in 1969, our country was in war and many who were not fighting in the war, fought back home for the wars end.

Here are over forty photos of that epic festival. A glimpse into an era that is long, long gone. Today’s society is far different from that of 1969. People are not as passionate and look for handouts rather than get up, unite and fight for what they believe in. Peace and love have been replaced with blaming, shaming and hatred.

This first photo is our favorite. It shows an incredible contrast of time. Forty plus years ago, a woman could stand naked on the side of the road with a backpack and a sign, looking for a ride. There was a very good chance back then that this woman would not be injured or assaulted. Today, you can’t even come close to doing such things, for far too many reasons. Life was just…simple…back then.


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The couple seen in the iconic photo below are still together, 40 plus years later! Check it out here!ws6  ws7  ws8  ws9  ws10  ws11  ws12  ws13  ws14  ws15  ws16  ws17  ws18  ws19

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