These SUV Prices Are Dropping: Here’s How To Find The Best Deals To Buy Them

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These SUV Prices Are Dropping: Here’s How To Find The Best Deals To Buy Them


There was a big decline in the sales of SUVs when gas prices started to soar. Despite how much people love these types of cars, due to how expensive these sport utility vehicles were to maintain, more families chose to trade them in for smaller more economical sedans. Because of this, there was an overproduction of SUVs, forcing manufacturers to drop their prices so they wouldn’t get overstocked. Now, they have become affordable for seniors that are looking to get an amazing deal for their dream car.
Recently, SUVs have been back on the market, and on the roads, causing people to wonder how they managed to make it back on the popular list. Basically it’s because dealerships chose to make a drastic change to their prices. The manufacturers also made the cars more fuel-efficient, which in turn makes them much more affordable. And since the affected car companies need to get back their lost sales, they have also found ways to lower the prices of their SUVs all together, providing amazing discounts for those that have always wanted to own one.



A New Type Of SUV

When gas prices rose to unparalleled heights starting back in 2010, people could hardly afford to gas up an entire tank due to the crazy cost. Since SUVs have much bigger gas tanks and require more gasoline to run, Americans were quickly making changes to the types of vehicles they were driving. But thankfully, gas prices began to stabilize once more, making it affordable to buy a sports utility vehicle once more. Another reason was that car companies knew that if they wanted customers to buy their SUVs again, they needed to find a way to make them seriously desirable once again. They began to create SUVs that were comfortable, efficient and cost-effective enough to seduce buyers to purchase them. And it worked.


Where Seniors Can Find The Best SUV Deals

For seniors that are looking for a car that’s economical, sturdy, safe yet luxurious, it’s mostly SUVs that hold all of these qualities. And since 2019 is rolling to an end, with 2020 looming just around the corner, many of these car dealerships are just waiting to hand out incentives to their customers to buy their available models. That way, they can make way for the new models that will be coming in for the new year.
Regardless of the reason why you’re looking to buy an SUV, whether it’s to take a trip to the Grand Canyon with your kids and grandkids and need that extra trunk room, or possibly just need a car with some extra space and extra competence, here are a few deals from a few of the best known car manufacturers for you to consider:



Ford Escape
  • 84-month 3.9 Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • $3,750 retail incentive when financing
Nissan Rogue Sport
  • 0% financing for up to 36-months
  • Up to $1,000 cash back
Fiat 500X
  • 60-month 3.75 percent APR
Toyota Rav4
  • 0% financing
  • $1,250 cash back
While these are just a few good deals that have been listed so far, there are bound to be more as the year comes to a close. Because dealerships will soon be acquiring newer SUV models, the 2019 ones will be given more incentives for people to buy them, lowering prices almost every month or even every week.
In order to make sure that you make the best decision on which SUV to buy, as well as from where, always do your research in your area. Be sure to analyze prices, compare dealerships in surrounding areas, and double check the incentives and deals before choosing which vehicle and brand will work best for you. You never know, you just might be able to find an even better deal through all of your extensive research!