These Three Adorably Fluffy Shiba Inus Are Peeking Out The Wall While Waiting For You To Pet Them

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One of the greatest mysteries of the world is the sudden cheerfulness we feel when we cross paths with lovable pets on the road. The mere presence of a dog nearby is an automatic boost of happiness. No wonder, these three adorable dogs have become such a popular hit. 

If you are ever nearby this residential area located in Kyushu, Japan, there are three peeking Shiba Inus you should pay a visit to, who wouldn’t mind getting some loving. They’ve become a tourist attraction, and for good reason! 


Also known as the ‘Three Shibas of Shimbara,’ these curious pups love watching people pass by during their downtime that their owner built 18 holes throughout the perimeter wall for them to peek their heads out of and observe the outside world. Now that this wall has become filled with tourists wanting to visit the Shibas, the owner put up a sign that says “We’ll get upset stomachs, so please don’t feed us.” Nevertheless, they prefer getting petted, instead of being fed. 

Are you now planning to visit the Three adorable Shibas of Shimbara?


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