Underprivileged Kids Are Asked To Choose Between A Christmas Gift For Them Or Their Parents

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This video features underprivileged children that are part of an Atlanta YMCA youth program. A select few were asked what they wanted for Christmas. Just like every child in the world, their excitement level grew as they explained what they truly wanted for Christmas. From an Xbox 360 to a laptop, a doll to Lego’s, these kids knew exactly what they wanted.

The children were also asked what they felt their parents would want for Christmas and they had exceptional answers.

So here comes the kicker, the children were then told that they got the gifts they were asking for as well as the gifts they felt their parents wanted. The look of excitement and joy on their faces is more than priceless. That was about to change.

The children were told that they could have one of the gifts. They were to choose whether to take the gift they longed for, or give their parents the other gift.

The results are more than beautiful and I guarantee, no matter how tough you think you are…you will need a tissue after this one.

‘If these kids can give up what they wanted for Christmas, so can we’


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