They Transformed An Old Play Room Into A Gaming Room Of Epic Proportions

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A lot of us grew up playing the original Nintendo NES system. Super Mario Bros. what the best thing to happen to most of our childhood’s! After a long day of playing outside, you come in, sit down in your favorite video game chair and rock out on Mario for a few hours before bed! It was the best!

Who says those awesome feeling have to go away when you grow up? Reddit user TylerFullTilt surely doesn’t say that!

Check out the incredible family play room he designed from scratch. It is incredibly awesome!

First he planned it all out!


…and it begins!


Starting to look familiar?


This is an essential part of the plan!


That’s what I’m talking about!


Hide all your wiring in this clever cord!


Simple TV stand…but not for long!


Put the TV in place!


Are you kidding me? Awesome!


Wonderful wife admiring her husbands craftsmanship! 


Game time!


I want, I want!

The project was posted to Reddit, inspiring hundreds of others to finally put their extra rooms in the house to good use. No longer need a nursery? Make a game room!


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