Scumbag Thief Robs Girl Scout Of Her Cookie Money

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Now how low do you have to be to steal money from a Girl Scout?

This situation happened in Philadelphia recently. A 9-year-old Girl Scout who was selling cookies in front of her home fell victim to a real loser. 

Girl Scout Anastasia, set up her table of Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Thanks-A-Lots, and other cookies in front of her home. She was wearing an apron, which held her money envelope. Throughout the day, as she sold boxes, she would run the larger bills she received back inside her house. Anastasia had sold 70 boxes at $4 each…so she was doing quite well. 


The thief approached Anastasia’s table and told her that his girlfriend wanted cookies that were “healthy” or “vegan,”. So Anastasia wrote down the ingredients for each cookie on a piece of paper for the man (how sweet right?). 

She passed the paper to the man, he glanced at it and then handed it back to Anastasia. When she grabbed the paper, the thief reached into her apron and stole her money, taking roughly $100. 

A witness on the corner, a family in a minivan, and a driver in a tow truck all tried to catch the thief, Anastasia’s mother stated. 

Who does this? Hopefully this young lady takes this situation as a life lesson. There are a lot of crappy people in this world. 


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