Things To Keep In Mind While Wearing Your Lucky Stone

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According to astrology, gemstones are the strong channels of cosmic energy that can change your life and make it better. If chosen and worn correctly, a crystal can heal any physical, mental, or emotional trauma. Whatever difficulties and challenges life throws at you, these sparkling gems can help you face the odds and make the most of your situation. They draw their powers from their associated planets.


Hence, you need to wear a gemstone or your zodiac birthstone after consulting an astrologer. If you are clueless about how to choose the right stone and wear it properly to get the desired benefits, follow these tips.

Choose Quality Gemstones

Factors like cut, color, origin, and clarity affect the quality and overall value of the gemstones. Astrologers believe that a gemstone is effective as long as it has the perfect combination of these factors without undergoing any lab or chemical-based treatment. Pure and natural gems with their original properties intact can be your safest bet. Hence, make it a point to buy authentic zodiac birthstones from a store like GemPundit. You can find a wide variety of untreated and original gemstones at these stores.

Choose the Right Metal

If you want to carry your gemstone in the form of jewelry, don’t forget to pick the right metal for the same. According to Vedic astrology, emerald is best worn in gold while you can wear ruby in both copper and gold. Similarly, pearl gemstone should be worn only in silver metal and sapphire is best when made in platinum or gold. Most of the coral gemstones and yellow sapphires are recommended to be worn in gold while you can use astadhatu for stones like cat’s eye and onyx.

Let It Touch the Skin

Another thing to keep in mind when wearing a lucky stone or zodiac birthstone is allowing it to touch your skin all the time. You can buy a gemstone ring, bracelet, or pendant in which the back of the stone touches your skin. It helps the energy transfer from the stone to your body. The method is deemed extremely effective for healing purposes and meditation.

Avoid Immersing the Stone in Milk

There is a common misconception that you need to cleanse your gemstone by immersing it in milk before wearing it. However, some astrologers believe that putting the gem into the milk can distort their internal composition as stones absorb milk. Do not leave it in the milk overnight in any case. You can wash your gemstone jewelry with water and a bar of soft soap for everyday wearing.

Be Realistic

Despite their effectiveness and innate powers, gemstones are not a magical cure for everything. They cannot turn your life overnight. You should be realistic in your expectations from the stone. Remember, your life will not change immediately but you will notice small transformations at every step.

Each day will be easier than the day before as the stone will help clear obstacles in your path. They provide you inner strength and guide you in the right direction to overcome any challenge.

Over a few weeks or months, you will notice significant changes in your situation. The idea of wearing zodiac birthstones is to take your life on the right path with determination, mental clarity, and confidence. In the end, it is your effort and perseverance that pays off and gets you the success you deserve.

Avoid Wearing Damaged Stone

Gemstones, especially the precious ones like sapphire, ruby, and emerald, are forever. However, coral and pearl are a few stones that get old and must be replaced at the right time. If your coral stone has any scratch on its surface, you need to change it immediately. However, the original gemstones lose their effectiveness when they are damaged in any form.

A little scratching or smaller dents due to everyday wearing are fine. But, if your stone has major cracks or fractures, it may become obsolete or even worse, harmful to you. Hence, take proper care of your gemstone to keep it safe and elongate its lifespan.

Avoid wearing the stone when doing any labor-intensive work where the stone comes in contact with hard or scratchy surfaces. Wash your stone in soft soap and avoid harsh chemicals that can scrub its finish and pristine shine.

Wear the Combination Stones Correctly

If you want to wear two different types of stones together, be careful and choose them wisely. Remember, stones correspond to different planets and if the planets are not compatible with the two stones, it may have adverse effects on your life.

For example, red pearl, ruby, and yellow sapphire relate to friendly planets. So, you can wear these gemstones together without experiencing any negativity or setback.

Another option is to wear emerald, diamond, and blue sapphire as they are also influenced by friendly and compatible planets. On the other hand, there are stones like cat’s eye and garnet that belong to a different group of planets with contradicting energies. For example, you cannot wear emerald and ruby together since both these gemstones are from the opposite set of planets.

Diamond and yellow sapphire, blue sapphire and pearl, etc., are some other examples where you cannot wear two gemstones in a single piece of jewelry or together in separate jewels. If you wish to try any gemstone combination, speak to your astrologer first. They will check your birth charts and corresponding planetary positions to recommend the best solutions.

Wear in the Right Finger

Even after getting your birthstone, you need to be cautious about wearing it correctly according to an expert astrologer’s advice. Gemstones embedded in rings are effective when worn on the right finger. That’s because the fingers have veins that connect directly to respective chakras in your core.

When the gemstone touches the right finger, the energy flows through these veins to the specific chakra to stimulate it and facilitate overall healing. For example, you can wear blue sapphire on the middle finger of your right hand for maximum benefits.

These are a few important tips and suggestions to keep in mind when wearing a lucky stone or zodiac birthstone.