29 Things You Didn’t Know About Ellen DeGeneres

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Source: https://sixthformblog.files.wordpress.com

Ellen DeGeneres has taken the place of the former queen of daytime talk shows Oprah, when it comes to television these days. Although Ellen began her career on shows like Johnny Carson’s ‘The Tonight Show’ and garnered more fame in movies like ‘Coneheads,’ eventually she earned her own show aptly named “Ellen.” But it was when she started her own daytime television show called, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” that the comedian truly gained success, with viewers in the millions at that. She may be a huge presence on television and she even has an impressive 29 Grammy Awards to her name, yet many people probably don’t know much about her earlier years before all her fame and success.
If you’d like to get to know her a little bit better, we’re bringing you 29 things you probably didn’t know about Ellen DeGeneres.