10 Things You Should Never Ask Alexa

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Source : Pixbay

Oh Alexa, you can be so silly sometimes — and creepy.

Alexa is the brainchild of Amazon. A know it all machine that listens to everything that surrounds it, records it and sends that info back to Amazon. But, we love it. In fact, I have three in my own home!

You can literally ask Alexa just about anything in the world and she will come up with an answer, but there are some things you just DO NOT want to ask Alexa, unless you want some creepy laughter or an answer that goes on and on and on for eternity!

1. Don’t ask Alexa if she works for the CIA

Source : Pixbay

“I jokingly asked Alexa, Alexa do you work for the CIA? It shut itself off,” says Reddit user Tsquare43.

In a YouTube video, a woman asks, “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?” Rather than responding with words, the device lights up like it is about to answer, but then stays silent. When she asks it again, there’s still no response.

2. Under no circumstances should you ask Alexa to calculate Pi

Source : Pixbay

You will get varying answers for this question, most often times Alexa will begin listing off an endless series of numbers, until you lose your mind. Other times…she passes on answering the question.

YouTuber user LasVegasJay shows off the annoying answer here, and to see how Alexa’s responses stack up in popularity, check out the YouTube views. However, as some Reddit users have pointed out, she sometimes responds by saying things like, “Achoo! Apparently I’m allergic to numbers this large.”

3. Don’t ask Alexa how old she is

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This is a rather personal question to ask Alexa — and she isn’t a fan. Most times she replies with a variety of jokes, or rhymes. Often times she discusses how AI’s measure years in nanoseconds.

4. Don’t ask Alexa what various animals sound like

Source : Pixbay

I mean, you can most certainly ask Alexa this question — if you want to annoy everyone in your household with super strange sounds, over and over again.

One Reddit user called it “Straight up terrifying.” Several Reddit users note that asking her “What does a goat sound like?” is the funniest response. Apparently, when asked, she says, “I’ve heard it described as a bleat — like an old man singing Taylor Swift songs.”

5. Don’t ask Alexa if she can beatbox

Source : Pixbay

According to various threads across the web, Siri wins the title of best beatboxer. However, if you ask Alexa to beatbox — she will definitely show you what she’s got!

6. Don’t ask Alexa to tell you a mom joke

Source : Pixbay

This is question will only disappoint you. Alexa clearly has love for all mothers out there, so rather than tell you a hilarious mom joke — she will tell you encouraging and uplifting things about your mom.

7. Don’t tell Alexa to ask the listeners

Source : Pixbay

According to Reddit user peepeechones, asking Alexa to “Ask ‘The listeners’” makes for an “insanely creepy” occurrence. Essentially, The Listeners is a skill of the AI that’s meant to be an experiment in language art. It involves many fragments of composed speech. What we know is that one Reddit user says it’s “eerily disturbing.”

As of writing this, I personally tried it. After about 30-seconds, I could feel my anxiety level start to raise. Definitely creepy AF.

8. Don’t ask Alexa what a chemtrail is

Source : Pixbay

Alexa won’t give you an sort of educated answer on this question. Instead, she admits to being a conspiracy theorist and well…she explains why. Here is a snippet of what she says:

“Chemtrails. Trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed….(We won’t spoil the rest for you)

9. Don’t ask Alexa to figure out what 10 to the power of 308 is

Source : Pixbay

“We want to warn you against asking Alexa to figure out what 10 to the power of 308 is,” says Adam Green of Komando.com. Alexa may provide you the correct answer, which is a one followed by 308 zeros, but she begins to grow tired, which just doesn’t seem healthy for your device! “In doing so, Alexa’s zeros begin to mush together before eventually turning into something that sounds more like her saying ‘oh.’ So yeah, it looks like even machines can get tired of talking.”

10. Don’t ask Alexa to laugh for you

Source : Pixbay

When reports surfaced of Alexa randomly laughing for no reason, Amazon disabled the feature. The glitch in the software caused Alexa to think someone was saying “Alexa, laugh,” even if they hadn’t. If you ask her, “Alexa, laugh,” she no longer responds. However, if you ask her, “Alexa, laugh for me,” a disturbing “tee-hee” that sounds straight out of a horror film will fill the room!