29 Things You Should Never Do In Australia

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The Commonwealth of Australia is a country-continent that comprises the mainland Australian continent, Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. It is a vast country that has many things to offer visitors – diverse cultures, natural wonders, and unique wildlife, among other things. The capital city is Canberra, while the city of Sidney is the largest. It is the oldest, flatest, and driest continent. Australia has the world’s eight largest immigrant population, with immigrants accounting for about 29% of the inhabitants. What is most striking about Australia is its global isolation from other continents and land masses. But this contributes to its many unique wonders, including flora and fauna, many of which can only be found in Australia.
It is quite obvious that the country offers visitors many things to see and do, experiences that no other place can give. But take note, there are also some things which visitors must not do in Australia.
Read on to know what you should never do in Australia: