29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Source: https://cloudfront.net

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is an international metropolis brimming with culture, exquisite food, historic buildings, and amazing sights. Home to almost 7.5 million people, this fast-paced cosmopolitan city is a hub for international trade and commerce. It is a significant center of business and investment and is among the richest cities in the world.
While Hong Kong is a well-known and modern financial hub, it also has many customs, deep-rooted beliefs, superstitions, and taboos. Many of Hong Kong’s citizens draw on traditional Chinese practices to boost their odds of success. In the same manner, there are activities that are considered sacred, forbidden, or taboo. You’ll notice that some buildings in Hong Kong are missing the fourth floor, and you’ll be advised not to give clocks as gifts or anything that comes in a set of four. Hongkongers have a healthy respect for superstition, and it would be wise for tourists to show the same respect when visiting. If you’re traveling to Hong Kong for the first time, know the important dos and don’ts to make the most of your time in the vibrant city and to avoid any social blunders that might offend the locals.
Keep on reading to find out what things you must never do in Hong Kong: