29 Things You Should Never Do In Japan

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Source: https://cloudfront.net

Long known as a powerhouse when it comes to economy and technology, Japan has also emerged as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia with its shrines and temples as well as its national parks and countryside. Whether you opt to stay in just a few areas and soak up in its history or discover more of the country via the shinkansen high-speed trains, you won’t fail to get a taste of what makes Japan unique. Not to mention its fantastic cuisine. Known as The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan has successfully merged and balanced the aspects of modernization and progress by having one of the most advanced societies while still adhering to their rich culture and tradition.
As a gaijin, here are the things that you should know and avoid doing beforehand, as the ways of the Japanese might be strange to those from the outside, but it makes perfect sense once you get to know them.