30 Things You Should Never Do In Punta Cana

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Source: https://www.bahia-principe.com/

If your type of vacation is being totally off-grid and as far away from home as possible, then Punta Cana is definitely the place for you. Much like its other beach paradise counterparts like Bora Bora, Boracay, Maldives and Fiji, Punta Cana is the perfect getaway to be completely removed from the rest of the world, given that it’s located at the Eastern most portion of the Dominican Republic. It is meant to be enjoyed by spending days endlessly meandering around town, falling asleep on the beach while listening to waves of water lapping at the shores, and just basically having the best time of your life.
But if you truly want to make it the best vacation you’ve ever had, here are 30 things you should never do when visiting Punta Cana.