Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine

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With an area of over 600,000 square kilometers, Ukraine is considered the largest country that is entirely within Europe. Its capital and largest city, Kyiv, is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, having been around since 482 A.D. Although the number of tourists has declined since 2014, Ukraine remains a top tourist destination, and still attracts millions of visitors every year not just from the neighboring countries in Eastern and Western Europe, but also from the Americas and other parts of the world. With stunning cathedrals, including the 11th century St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, which is a World Heritage Site, museums, and other sites rich in history, along with the reasonable prices compared to other European destinations, visitors will surely find this country as a viable vacation spot.
Rich in culture and tradition, the country has its own ways, and visitors will come to know the Ukrainians as warm and hospitable. However, to better blend in and enjoy your stay, there are some things that should be avoided as much as possible. Here they are.