29 Things You Should Never Do In Austin

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Source: https://cdn.britannica.com/

There are so many reasons to visit the state capital of Texas. From music festivals to outdoor adventures and from mouthwatering barbecue to nearly endless sunshine, there’s so much to see, hear, and taste in this bustling city. The Live Music Capital of the world is famous for its diverse music festivals, focused on blues, country, and rock, and played live in large arenas, like the Frank Erwin Center, and smaller venues such as the Cactus Café and The Roosevelt Room. Also called the City of the Violet Crown, Austin is known for its natural beauty, with a purple twilight sky casting a lilac-pink glow over the town as the sun descends into the horizon.
The city is also a hub for the creative community—not just musicians, but also artists, writers, designers, and photographers. Nature lovers can also find peace and inspiration from Austin’s beautiful gardens and parks. With several independent shops and thrift stores, as well as upscale and mainstream retailers, you can find nice souvenirs and gifts to bring home.
Keep on reading to find out how you can fully enjoy the music, sights, and food when you visit Austin, Texas.