Thirteen Conspiracy Theories About United States Dollar Bills

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For years, many people have believed that there are secret messages hidden within the images printed on U.S. dollar bills. Whether you believe this or not, some of the theories, supported by images, are quite compelling. Have a look below.

1. The Stars On The One Dollar Bill Form A Hexagram

Some feel this is the sign of the devil, but it may just be a far stretch.

2. There’s Also A Hexagram On The One Dollar Bill’s Pyramid

Or, maybe it’s just a pyramid.

3. Is the eye in the pyramid, the eye of Satan?

The eye is actually coined, the Eye of Providence, an all-seeing eye (God, or a divine providence) watching over humanity. But some think that it’s the actual eye of Satan.

4. The freaky number 13!


There seems to be a lot of combinations equaling 13 on the one dollar bill. 13 steps on the pyramid, 13 leaves on the olive branch that the eagle is seen holding, 13 arrows that the eagle is also holding, 13 stars above it.

Many feel that this is because the number 13 is very important to Freemasons. Or, it has to do with the prominence of the 13 original colonies.

5. The Illuminati vibe is strong.

The bottom of the pyramid has these letters: MDCCLXXVI.

This is “1776” in Roman numerals. Some out there think that this is a nod to the founding year of the Illuminati. Or maybe…just maybe…that’s when America became independent?

6. Hidden tiny owl?

If you look really, really hard, you may just see a hidden owl on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill. Cute, right? Some believe this is the symbol of Lillith. A congregation of the Freemasons was rumored to perform Satanic rituals under the this symbol.

7. $100 bill folded, looks like a tidal wave hitting New York City.

A sign of the end of times? Or is this just a weird coincidence.

8. The five dollar bill folded, looks like the twin towers.

This is a tad creepy, I must admit.

A popular 9/11 conspiracy is that the tragedy was an inside job. Some conspiracy nuts say that the evidence is right there when you fold a 5 dollar bill in a specific way.

9. A folded ten dollar bill, looks like the twin towers after the first attack on 9/11.

In AP Psychology one of the first things you learn is that correlation does not equal causation.

10. A lot of people think that American money all folded up, represents the Twin Towers.

The 20 dollar bill is said to represent the moment after both towers were hit. The 50 dollar bill supposedly looks like when they start to fall. While the 100 dollar bill shows the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, when the Twin Towers were no longer standing. A far stretch?

11. In reality, you can fold U.S. paper currency in all sorts of ways in order to get it to show certain imagery, or read certain phrases.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: When you fold a dollar into this ridiculous specific way, it says “Don’t Tread On Me.” Stop the presses! Wake up, America!

12. Live Free or Die

13. Reality Sucks

You can even make the bills read, reality sucks.