This ‘129 Ways To Get A Husband’ Article From 1958 Shows How Much The World Has Changed

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Kim Marx-Kuczynski from Madison, Wisconsin shared a 1958 McCall’s article, entitled “129 Ways to Get a Husband,” showing just how much times have changed.

“In the United States today there are sixteen million women over the age of seventeen who are not married,” the text begins. “Presumably the vast majority of them would like to be.” The publisher asked 16 people to brainstorm strategies lonely women could use to get men to pay attention to them, and they delivered. From ordering rare steaks and no gossiping to crying in a corner of the room and getting a hunting license, some of these tips sound like common sense, and some seem to be… questionable. In their authors’ defense, the magazine did ask them to throw away their judgments when writing down their thoughts.

If you are currently thinking about a long-term relationship, you should probably not attempt to use any of these ideas and suggestions.

It’s outdated, absurd and yet funny, but it had serious intentions at the time.  Society has changed so much in the last sixty years, and this article exemplifies the differences between what our moms and grandmas grew up with compared to ourselves and the coming generations. It’s sort of fascinating.

Quite the shocker huh? Could you imagine what today’s list may look like?