This ‘Angry Ram’ Has A Serious Love – Hate Relationship With The Man Who Saved Him

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They call him ‘Angry Ram’ and for good reason!

This ‘angry ram’ was saved from a ranch in New Zealand where his prior owner was going to kill him because he was attacking dogs, fences and anything around him. His savior, a man by the name of Marty Todd. Todd took the angry ram and set him free on his 100+ acre land. Little did Todd know, his relationship with the ram would turn both of them into internet sensations!

Todd and Angry Ram have a love – hate relationship as you can see on his Youtube channel that is mostly dedicated to Angry Ram and his crazy ramming of just about everything in sight. From drones to cars, motorcycles to people, this ram just doesn’t seem impressed.

However, Todd and the ram do have a special bond and it wouldn’t appear that Angry Ram is not out hurt him at all. Todd is able to hand feed him, shave him and even strap a GoPro camera to him so the world is able to see through the eyes of Angry Ram. After seeing Angry Ram in action, he probably is just a little grumpy but clearly he has some serious love for the man that saved him and set him free! It is truly hard not to laugh and smile at the interaction the two have.

Angry Ram even has his own Facebook fan page with a decent following! Todd’s videos have become a Youtube sensation. It would appear that Angry Ram is the Grumpy Cat of the wild!



Source : Youtube